Monday, January 20, 2014

Why Choose Vintage Clothing

   Do you like vintage clothes style? Do you like the flavor of another bygone age?
Give a new life to the old and forgotten clothes. Prove that the old style is still alive and has own place in the modern times. The beautiful fashion lives forever.

A charming full skirted dress worn with a long necklace, 1954.

Helen Beatty in Claire McCardell's tent dress made of a Hope Stillman satin-striped cotton, photo by Herman Landshoff, Oak Beach, New York, Mademoiselle, 1951

Orange polka dot vintage dress from Ladies' Home Journal 1958

True vintage clothing, accessories, jewelry are not just second hand items. They are antique and preserved from the past year. They are distinguished by their high quality. There are passionate fans demanding in terms of vintage clothing - required age, known brand, characteristics of the age from which they are.

Sunny Harnett, Vogue December 1955

Jeanne Lanvin 1969

 The most important thing is to properly combine models in vintage style, have fun and use your imagination boldly.

Ladies Home Journal January 1960

1958 Ladies Home Journal

Charly Stember photographed by John Stember, Glamour September 1969


Vintage clothes are characterized by:
• High quality materials and execution. The clothes are from solid material with very good cut and elements.
• Uniqueness. Many of the clothes are produced in limited editions or are part of collections of famous designers.
• They are made from natural materials. They represent beauty and memories from lace, wool, velvet.
• Vintage clothes are with precision crafted details.
 • They represent the spirit of the past time. People may combine garment grandmother or mother with adequate accessory veils and small hats, flowers, ribbons, any hair ornaments - a comb with stones, feathers, earrings, necklaces, bracelets. Even a very simple dress with a suitable accessory could return you directly to a distant era.
• Over the years, their value increases. Buying of vintage goods becomes an investment. By the time any such product is converted into an antique whose price increases.

Jean Patou, 1969

Jean Patou Dress - Vogue Patterns, Summer 1965

Fashion of the 1950's

 Each vintage clothes or accessory worn memories bygone years. People fall in love not only in the product, but in his past too. Very often they are not just fashion benefits - also are part of one's story. Owning vintage items is something exciting

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