Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Retro Pants

    The pants are created as a typical menswear. Today, however, it is the preferred garment of the both sexes. The pants has a thousand faces. It can be retro, stylish, official, extravagant. Narrower and shorter, or longer and free, the pants are an accent of any outfit.
     In the 20s of the last century was created the Cloche pants for walking, sports or riding. 

Beach at Biarritz, France. Late 1920's history

1920's. Renee Perle

Over the next few decades, the trousers started going wide in the wardrobe of the men and become part of everyday clothing. 

Nautical style 1934

Wide Leg Pants, 1930s, photo by the Seeberger Brothers

The women,  increasingly  begin to use this comfortable garment. But barely in the 70's, the trousers  officially are recognized also as a women's clothing.

Three summery, wonderful 1940s ways to wear slacks


1950s Capri pants

Suzy Parker in John Weitz 1957

1970s vintage clothing

The classic retro pants model remains to this day. These are straight pants, which reach the ankle. They are ideal for office work and business meetings. You can combine them with a suit jacket or coat, if it is of the same material. You can wear retro pants cut straight with a tight shirt and add braces for emphasis.
Retro pants, with medium to high waist and wide legs, will give you a comfort and elegant look. Combine it with a chiffon shirt for more chic.

Cigarette pants type is a model, which focuses on the beauty of women's feet. It is considered the sexiest pants.

Hollywood At Home - A Family Album 1950-1965. Photos by Sid Avery.

The Charleston and skirt pants are introduced in the 60s and 70s of the last century. They are convenient and allow you to experiment with different styles. If you combine them with a spectacular shirt and jacket you will turn into an elegant business lady. If you wear them with a tunic and put a bag over the shoulder, you will get an original look.

Wide pants are best suited for the warm days. The most commonly used fabrics are linen, organza, silk.

Bermudas are another interesting model pants. They are also able to be combined with all kinds of shoes. Equally well, they stand in high heels and sneakers.

We must not forget the classic leather pants. This type of garment is associating with urban chic and can turn your vision, into a fascinating magnet of the others eyes.  Leather pants are inherently narrow, close fitting to the foot. In the most cases, look like a wedge, but with fitting cut trouser.

The variety of pants models is large. Choose an impressive pattern, quality fabrics and practicality.

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