Monday, January 20, 2014

Retro hat - the crown of your styling

Wearing a hat is not only necessary, but also fashion. 

The hat is the finishing touch to an outfit. With appropriate retro hat you will look stylish, radiating sexiness and class. There are variety of models and colors.

Hat with a large periphery is super chic. It is retro and at the same time modern. Usually, it is revered accessory in the hot days of the year. But the designers have decided to draw this hat also from wool fabric.


 Its combination with the large retro sunglasses will give you a unique look.

Photo by Helmut Newton, 1969.

The daring women with  strong character and its own radiation could choose male retro hats. They look very good with  jacket and trousers.

 If you want to broadcast more femininity, combine them with winter dress.
Another interesting retro hat is the bowler. It could be find  also from wool fabric.
 The ladies, who want to stand out with irresistible charm and sexiness can use all kinds of berets.

The vintage crocheted hat is always  topical and you can wear it with  elegant clothing. So, if you are admirers of the sport-elegant look, pick a crocheted hat. You can become a true fashion icon with the proper combination of styles.

Catherine Deneuve

Vintage 1970s Crochet Hat

For warm days, you can choose a straw hat. Usually, it is worn in its natural color, with a colorful accent. The straw hat gives a romantic look and at the same time impressive style.

Au bord de la mer, c.1936 by Andreas Feininger

Audrey Straw Hat 1954

Isabelle Adjani by Jean-Claude Deutsch, 1973

 Use it in combination with colorful scarves, beautiful ribbons, brooches. It can be with big bedraggled periphery or asymmetrically pleated edges.

Giorgio Armani

The straw hat, turned into a bowler, is an innovative solution. The periphery is substantially smaller. You can combine equally well with jeans and a t-shirt, also with a casual jacket and trousers.

The color of the hat is very important. It is not necessary stick to the classic beige, black and gray.  Simply comply in what range are your clothes. However, if you keep the more classic colors, but still want variety, you can buy a few pins and swap them depending on your mood.

If you want to stand out from everyone put a vintage hat. You can wear jeans and a jacket, and on your head to put a hat with stones. Large periphery, French berets, brooches, feathers - no matter what kind of hat you choose. It is important to have your transmission vintage item.

Vogue, 1965

Vogue 1964 photo by William Klein

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