Sunday, January 26, 2014

Ideas How Wearing Vintage Scarves

      The Vintage scarf is an original and multifunctional accessory. Many of its variants of use are relevant today.


During the 40's of the last century, has been modern triangular scarf to tie the knot on the head.

Female factory worker, 1940s, during WWII. She wears a turban so her hair wont get caught by the machines. Photo by George Marks


Tying a land-girl style bandanna. Actress Margaret Vyner fashions her scarf into a protective cover for her hair in preparation for her domestic chores, 1941.

 In the 60's - the scarf was tied tightly to the head and descended behind or to the side.

London 1960s

Vintage scarf can be a different shape, color and size. A well-chosen scarf, arranged appropriately, will give you uniqueness and style.

The scarf is a great accessory, which transforms even the most casual outfit. It is a suitable as addition to clothing in all styles.

It can be worn in every way - around the neck, tied in different ways, on the head - as turban, cloth or tape, lowered shoulders, twisted around the waist.

The silk scarf can be worn with a shirt on a business suit, also on the T-shirt, with jeans. The combination of colorful silk scarves and lace ribbon, will give you a retro look.

  From the square scarf could be made great stuff - mantle, top, bag, necklace, belt, and even a dress. 

Turban is ideal for women, who want to look more exotic.

Harper's Bazaar October 1944 Photo George Hoyningen-Huene

Eva Mendes Resource

There is large variety of colors - flower motifs, bright colors, plaid, stripe, dots. The plaid scarf is the perfect addition to any clothing. Variants are many - from Scottish plaid to retro style patterns. Choose this one, which you like and be irresistible.

  Wearing a scarf is modern and spectacular. So, you will stand out and express your individualism and sense of style.

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