Sunday, February 9, 2014

Retro Gloves - a Necessary Complement in the Clothing

    The gloves are a very aesthetic addition to clothing. In the past, been absolutely unacceptable, man or woman of high society to appear in public without gloves.


Balenciaga, 1952

Vogue magazine editor Bettina Ballard directing models for a photo shoot in Paris, February 1951

At that time, they were a must have accessory for any lady, which respecting yourself. The gloves were compulsory for dinner, opera and theater. At the beginning of the last century was very chic to smoke cigarettes and long gloves. 



1939 Helene Arpels

The black gloves are retro classics and modern every season. The fabrics, they usually are made, ​​are leather or suede. Every classy lady must have in your wardrobe long gloves, covering the elbow.

 It is recommended, to wear them with a formal dress. 

Also, they very well can combine with sleeveless jackets and vests.

Gloves in bright colors look best with dark plain clothes - such as brown, black or dark gray coat.

If you have more than one accessory in your styling - bag, scarf, hat, umbrella - it is good the gloves be in line with at least one of the other items of clothing.

The extravagant people can choose patent leather gloves, or even from alligator skin. Mandatory in this case is to combine them with a belt or shoes of the same material.

The stylish retro gloves can diversify and the most boring clothing. Those, who are elbow-length, you can put when go to a party. They are a wonderful addition to a classic jacket or coat.

The crocheted gloves provide comfort, warmth and protect hands from the cold. Suitable combined with a hat and scarf, guarantee a retro chic look.

The gloves are a great element of the clothing, by which to express your own look at the fashion.

Friday, January 31, 2014

Demixx Vintage Clothing: Vintage Leather Clothes

Demixx Vintage Clothing: Vintage Leather Clothes

Vintage Leather Clothes

 Vintage clothing, made ​​of leather, adapt perfectly into contemporary fashion. Skirt, dress, pants, jacket - whatever leather garment to wear, you will receive an attractive look.

Leather pants
To achieve the retro look of the 50s, choose narrow pants. You can combine them with cool tunic or long sweater. Ladies can wear leather pants with high shoes and cotton blouse. For an interesting accent, add a Vintage scarf. See 25 Ways to Wear Your Leather Pants and Retro Pants

The 1960s French pop singer Françoise Hardy is the original street style icon. Often combining Brenton stripes with leather pants, or a motorcycle jacket with a lace blouse, she epitomized boho style before it was even a thing.

               Cheryl Ladd - leather pants, 1970s

1970s NYC

Leather jacket
It always remains modern and can be combined well with different clothes. If you want retro rock vision, wear leather jacket and pants. Belt, with a big metal buckle and eyelets will accentuate on your rock style. The ladies can wear it, as a sheer dress, as well with jeans.

August Vogue 1956 Wearing a golden-brown leather jacket with a velvet collar with brown wool flannel driving pants, by Evan-Piccone.

Leather skirt
For stylish Vintage look, choose a classic straight cut. You can experiment with different than black color. You can not go wrong, if combine this skirt with a blouse or shirt of sheer fabric. Add beautiful antique bracelets and large leather bag. Read more: Retro Skirts  and 50 Ways to Wear Your Maxi Skirt


Leather dress
If you choose a plain leather dress, can put a retro accent, with ethereal colored scarf. For more stylish vision add leather gloves.

Leather corset
It will give you a challenging look. You can combine it with vintage jeans, trousers or skirt. It will look more elegant, wearing with a sheer shirt or vest top.

   The leather clothes are outlived the bounds of time and have become in mandatory fashion item.

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