Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Retro Skirt

Wearing of skirt, makes you feel lady. Woman, wearing in a skirt, gets all the looks and compliments. Of course, not each skirt is able to bring this effect.

In the first half of the last century, the skirt was characterized by elegance and femininity. The models were simple and somewhat conservative. Then, principally, the women wore straight skirts, with length to mid-calf. In 60s, was born the miniskirt. The appearance of this type skirt, is a real revolution in the fashion.

A girl in Dallas, Texas wears a sweater and mid-calf length skirt with pleats, 1934

1940s fashion-women

Harper’s Bazaar, March 1951

February Vogue 1957

Photo by Irving Penn, 1965.

1970s Pleated Skirt

1970s Fashion

Get inspiration from the retro skirts and add them in your wardrobe.

The classic straight skirt will never goes out of style. It is an essential part of the business ladies clothing. The straight skirt allows for an incredible variety of combinations with shirts, jerseys, jackets. This makes it a universal garment for any occasion. It can be in the shape of a trapezoid or to have a tuck in front. This detail gives a classic retro look.

The skirts, with high waist and ruffles in the style of the 60s, add volume to the body. They can be combined with high-heeled or low shoes.

The long skirt, gently caressing the ankles, is a symbol of femininity. It is practical and always up to date. It could be in different style and form - straight, asymmetric, of different pieces.
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 The short skirts can be combined with a broad belt. Choose a model with interesting motifs or prints. The short black skirt combines well with all kinds of outer garments.

Vintage leather skirt looks very good in combination with a simple beige jacket and thick pantyhose. You can get retro vision, dressed in a sophisticated black skirt with high waist, combined with a shirt and a beautiful Vintage jewel.

In summer, preferably are skirts in sports style. Decorated with pockets and buttons, they guarantee you an interesting retro look. It is enough to add only one belt and your skirt will be transformed completely.

Create own irresistible vision, dressed in your favorite retro skirt.

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