Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Jeans – timeless Vintage comfort.

The Jeans are universal clothing for each generation. Initially, they have been intended for a work wear. They became popular in the 50's of the 20th century, due its practicality and convenience. The most frequent colors, which are made ​​are dark blue, light blue and black.

Cropped white shirt and vintage jeans

   In the 50's of the last century it was modern the model with five pockets - two on rear, two in front, and a small front pocket on the right. This place was designed for a small pocket watch. This model still is produced today.

Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh at home, c. early 1950's.

50's teenage girls

Marilyn Monroe in a pair o' blues.

Marilyn Monroe Jeans



In the 60's was imposed ultra short denim with high waist ladies pants.

1960's ad

Sylvie Vartan and Brigitte Bardot 1960's

Crop tops and jeans; 1962


In the 70's  the jeans become a symbol of the hippie movement, thinking differently, freedom, sexual revolution. It is  the laid down the model, that fits in the hips and the knees is expanded.

1970's nautical fashion by Katies by Bess Georgette

1975 Sears catalog

1970's fashion.


In the 80's was appeared first bleached models and they are a big hit. Begin to draw models of jeans, decorated with precious stones.

The fashion of the 80's

In the 90's patterns emerge with high waist. Gradually enter new variant of patterns, prints, pearls, colorful decorations, sequins.




Today, there are a variety of models, to suit every taste.
Some of the most popular models still follow the vintage line and classical forms.
The Jeans in bright colors - electric blue or white are an interesting version.

 The bright blue hues could be combined with any clothing and could be worn in all seasons. They combine well with any shoes from controversial sneakers to high heels, looking equally stylish and original.

 The Jeans are comfortable. They are appropriate clothing for the office and for a walk in the park. The Jeans can be easily combined with different styles and fashions.

  In recent years, are producing of many new items of jeans. From different models sexy jeans to shorts, from dresses to jumpsuits. The hats and shoes from jeans fabric, also are a great accessory.

The Jeans remain timeless through the years. Whichever model you choose for your styling, you always will look modern.

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