Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The unique beauty of the Vintage jewelry.

  The retro jewelry is unique and true value. They have survived over the years and carry the spirit of the past.

Coro jewelry ad

Elegantly gorgeous gold filigree 1960's jewelry

Monet (Jewels) 1959 Flexible Bracelet Necklace Earring

    They were produced by the hands of jewelers, instead from matrices. This makes all vintage jewelry be unique. Have been used quality materials. In the past there was no such good imitations and alloys, replacing perfectly precious metals. Therefore, the vintage jewelry is from gold or silver. They were decorated with real gems, not colored plastic or glass pieces.

Napier jewelry ad 1970's

Beautiful Lisner jewelry ad, 1948.

Each vintage jewel has its own story. Very often old jewelry is passed from generation to generation. They wear down inside real living spirit - the spirit of the family.

    Do not be afraid to wear them, because the Vintage style among the jewelry is very fashionable.

 An elegant necklace or pearl necklace great combine with an office suit or dress. Beautiful silver earrings with hanging small stone ruby, can wear with any outfit. A pierced silver coin, hanging on a leather bracelet, will make you unique. 

Napier ad 1986

Express your individuality with antique pendant around your neck and placed inside pictures of loved ones. A beautiful vintage brooch on the sweater or scarf is extremely original accessory.

   Retro jewelry makes you stylish. An antique pocket watch will give you a surprising charm. You can wear an old wrist watch with yellowed face and at the same time to look fashionable and chic.

vintage jewelry ad

  The unique appearance of vintage jewelry comes from the fine combination of different elements, materials and colors. They seem to whisper an old story from the distant past.

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